Diesel System Services, offers genuine Bosch remanufactured VP44 injection pumps for 1998.5 to 2002 Dodge trucks, mid range commercial trucks and RV's equipped with the Cummins ISB 5.9L engines. Our pumps come with the latest up to date upgrades and calibration software. Each pump comes with a New PSG which is the electronic control module or as some people like to call it "the brain" of the pump. This module, is what controls the injection pump and is located at the top of the pump where the wire harness connects into it. Most of our competitors will reuse an old PSG in their rebuilt pumps to cut corners so they are able to offer a cheaper pump. They will tell you that it is ok to reuse a PSG because they can be reflashed up to 3 times. This is true but, many of these PSG's are now getting to be over 15+ years old and also have a lot of miles/hours and key (on/off) cycles! Like many electronic devices they have a life span. Bosch has started to require rebuilders to replace the PSG when they rebuild a VP44. Many are choosing not to, in order to keep cost down.

All pumps come with a 1 year unlimited mile warranty! 

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